Designed with care and made with love.

Design Palet is a small lifestyle brand created by Finnish Designer and Artisan Kirsi Niemelä. Design Palet lifestyle collection consists of timeless and functional home textiles, birch veneer products and sustainable clothes for relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. Products are made in Finland responsibly using materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

I design for longevity – rather than following trends, I design products that will fit in your life for many years to come.

"Mindfulness, well-being and relaxation are key themes in my collection.
As a counterpart to noise, pollution, mass production and stress, I was looking for ways to create a wellbeing lifestyle collection with sustainable materials and transparent production.

Peaceful walking in a clean forest gives me peace of mind and inspirations.
For researching relaxing elements of forest I went to Central Finland, where is my family roots and our cottage by the clean lake and calming wild forest.
The products get their forms from tree stumps and tree trunks. The prints were drawn while exploring the bark and annual rings of a tree. While I was walking in the woods I saw a big Ural owl sitting on a pine branch. This rare and enchanting encounter inspired the delightful owl print in my collection.” 


Kirsi Niemelä, Designer