Textile Designer - Tekstiilisuunnittelun Muotoilija

Interior Textile Artisan - Sisustustekstiiliartesaani


My professional skills are pattern design, weaved and knitted fabric design and manufacturing, textile design and interior design.

I find inspiration in nature.

I love spending time surrounded by wild woods in my family roots in Central Finland. There I got inspirations for my first collection. Interesting surfaces of nature, wild animals and flowers gives a lot of inspirations. 

After a long, dark winter I love to see the waking nature and new flowers appearing everywhere. One source of inspiration is my adorable little garden where I grow a cherry tree, grapes, a variety of flowers. Sometimes wild animals come to visit there, like hedgehogs, hares, pheasants, small birds, frogs and many kind of butterflies. Nature inspires me every day! 

Natural materials and yarns inspires me to produce a variety of products and clothing. I love to produce my collection carefully in small series but for larger orders I have professional subcontractors in Finland.